Singapore Robotic Games 2009

Today I was at the Singapore Robotic Games 2009 held at Science Centre, Singapore. As this was my first visit to this event so havn’t had any idea about the visitors and overall lookout of the competition. It was scheduled on 20 – 22 January 2009.

I went on last day of robotic games, was really impressed by number of people were participating.

I saw today’s scheduled events Micromouse Competition, Robot Soccer Competition, Humanoid Robot Competition and Legged robot marathon race.

Robot @ SRG 2009Though I closely watched the Humanoid Robot competition. As per the organizers it was the first time Singapore Robotic Games 2009 organized the Humanoid Robot competition, and of course it was visible over there, they took good time to layout the track and its mesaurements.

I had taken the videos and some pictures of these events.

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mvi_0067-2Finally,Humanoid robot competition champion’s winning steps. (see photo on left)

The students that were participating on SRG teams had the drive to compete and win, although SRG makes sure to inject a healthy dose of Gracious Professionalism into every student, teacher, mentor and parent.

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