my robots

Robotics-Projects: I have my own Robotics Lab in my home and have been working for my robotics projects since when I was in 9th standard, I built six Robots and I am working on humanoid robot, I have a great interest in Artificial Intelligence.

Robot Mumorob-wnmsMumorob-Wnms: Stands for “Multipurpose moving robot-with new mechanical system” have won First Prize in 6th International Beam Robot Games in Innovation Machines and third prize in Miscellaneous Category in the same event, “Mumorob-wnms” has a height of 42? and weight 43 kg. 12 volts, 4 amps direct current, drive it. The principal of my Robot is Mechanical and Electrical. It has three hands, can move its elbow, wrist, and shoulder, and can lift up to 4 kg weight. For more information, Link :

robot_pratapPratap: This robot has a height of 36? and weight 55 kg. It had won National award in 23rd Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science Exhibition, Teen Murti, New Delhi organized by National council of Educational Research Training, New Delhi. It had won Second Prize in State Science Exhibition cum Competition. It has two hands and can grip any thing up to 3 kg.


Robot J2J2: This robot had won first prize in three competitions Zonal, District, and Area Science Exhibitions cum competitions. It had praised by various scientific and social committees of the state.


Robot J1

J1: this was my first step towards the Robotics Field, I won the School level Science competition and got a motivation to start work in this field, Pictures of my robots,