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This page contains few of the best books I’ve been reading lately. I read a lot of books, and only the top 10% are going to make it into this list.

Also, I had reviewed some books, some of the reviews are below and also i am giving the list of books which I found interesting to read,

“Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity” By Sir Jacob Neilson : this book is the ultimate book on web design theory. This is very informative book and good reading for those currently involves in web design and who those are providing the contents of the web site should read this book, Designing Web Usability provides very deep and specific advices about the designing of the web-sites, much of them we can apply immediately. And also I have applied very good tips and instructions in my project 327 web site even after reading the some of the chapters from the book. I have gained very good concepts, tips and rules about web designing, so I think anyone who is involve in designing and building and providing contents of the web site must read this book. It is well-designed, easy to read and full with the colorful examples. In the mostly web site mentioned are well known, well illustrated and fit for the reference manual.

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“Microsoft Secrets Authors: Michael A. Cusumano Richard W. Selby, The book “Microsoft Secrets” is about software development, this is one of the few good software engineering books, and it’s not about the Microsoft story or Microsoft personalities, except when these things affect the development model. The book “Microsoft Secrets” is very useful to people interested in the design and implementation of large software. The authors Cusumano & Selby described the Microsoft’s development process and it’s internal facts in a very organized way.

I selected this because I have a great interest to learn various processes or strategies that the successful companies follow. I had also read the book “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates in which, I knew very internal thoughts of Bill Gates and his thinking of to Attack the future, and I think he is as good as in business as he is in technical skills. I read “Microsoft Secrets” with full of interest because after reading some books about Microsoft. I wanted to learn about Microsoft’s software development policies and strategies and their predictions about the future technology. And after reading this book I found every answer of my question and it is sure if the authors of this book give another book about Microsoft then I will certainly read that also.

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I am reviewing some other books also so keep on checking this list.

List of some books, which i liked most to read,

Donald Norman’s classic The Design of Everyday Things (also published under the name “The Psychology of Everyday Things”) is one of the best books on “UI design”, even though it talks more about doors and and refrigerators than computers. This was a groundbreaking work for its theory of affordances, which remains one of the most influential ideas in good design of everyday objects.

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