Reverse Proxy

What is Reverse Proxy?

A reverse proxy is a type of server that usually sits on a private network behind the firewall and routes the requests from client to backend/web server. Usually, reverse proxies are introduced to help improve security, performance, and reliability. it facilitates the flow of network traffic. Reverse proxy acts as intermediary for its associated servers and returns the resources associated to these servers.

  • Reverse proxy can hide the existence and characteristics of an orgin server(s).
  • Application firewall feature could protect against common web based attacks like DDOS etc
  • In case of secure websites, a web server may not perform SSL encryption itself, though it could delegate this task to reverse proxy which might be equipped with SSL acceleration hardware
  • A reverse proxy can distribute the load from in coming request to several servers
  • A Reverse proxy can reduce load on its origin server by caching static content, dynamic content ( web accleration )

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