Journey from Changi Business Park to Canary Wharf

Just wanted to share my personal thoughts about Changi Business Park and Canary Wharf. I worked in Changi Business Park, Singapore and currently working in Canary Wharf, London. Though I personally feel there are similarities in both places (or CBP going to be next Canary Wharf).

Please note these are my personal views. And please burn in mind I am not professional writer.

Following are my observations about Changi Business Park, Singapore,

  1. East of Central Business District
  2. Economically suitable for banks/businesses less rents, less expensive. (Though increasing number of employees have raised the residential rentals in nearby areas like Tampines etc)
  3. Many banks have their middle office and back-office operations
  4. Very Clean Roads
  5. Traffic Signal obeyed professionals
  6. Food Courts (having several options and choices for food)
  7. Covered Path Way (At rain times it really matters)
  8. Very efficient train service
  9. No bus service, have to travel more then 1.2 miles to catch a bus
  10. Because It’s near to Singapore EXPO, sometimes jam-pack sucks
  11. Opened Signature Tower roof, you could enjoy landing and take off of planes
  12. Lots of green fields, though it would be another concrete jungle in short time (according to construction display model at Signature Tower)
  13. Opportunity to feed the fishes and tortoise at lunch time
  14. No Hotels near to Changi Business Park, have to travel to City (Though new construction is coming up next to Metro station)

Following are my observations about Canary Wharf, London,

  1. East of Central Business District
  2. Many banks have their front-office, middle office and back-office operations
  3. River Thames, with perfect scenic view (tall buildings, cruises, boats, ferries)
  4. Docklands museum, really Canary Wharf is having a great history I saw some building older then 1800 A.D. next to fully equipped, lavish, impressive architectural tall banks buildings.
  5. Lots of food options, though no concept like food court in Singapore (though most banks have their in-house food court style restaurants)
  6. Very Good bus service
  7. Very Good underground train service
  8. Very Good and pleasant DLR service
  9. Very good river Thames ferries
  10. No covered path ways from Canary Wharf station, though massive malls and shops provides the convenient navigation to most of the destinations
  11. Very good nearby hotels
  12. Well established and Canary Wharf management organizes various social events

This is really very small list, and I am writing randomly. Though I am planning to post separately about both places with more details and pictures.

I love both the places.

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