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Hello there, if you happen to read this it indicates you want to know about myself. No I am not a writer, director, philosopher or musician, I am an IT professional. My Parents named me as “Sukhvinder Singh” (then suddenly realized my big name and called me “Jimmy”). Currently I am associated with Credit Suisse, London as an Electronic Trading, Consultant. I have worked in various geographical locations like Singapore, India (Pune, Delhi NCR).
This is my personal blog space; you will read about my experiences about life, work and family. It’s a mix of all. Note: this is not tech only blog 🙂

Since my childhood I am interested in computer science and robotics. In computer science I have a great interest in Computer Security, Software Engineering.
I had done masters in computer science graduate credit courses from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA, after my masters in mathematics & under graduation in Computer Science. Though I have earned various certifications like CSQP (Certified software quality professional) etc.
Have more then 8 years of experience in managing projects and writing code. My hobbies include listening western and Indian music, reading books, playing badminton,photography.

After learning and trying hard to pluck the right strings on guitar, now I am more inclined towards photography. (Oh yes!), trying hard to pluck the right strings!

I believe to work on those projects, which require innovative ideas and creativity and are full of challenges.
Life here in Credit Suisse, London is demanding, but trust me it’s a nice place to work. Don’t know while I was in Singapore sometimes I used to feel Chinese culture is close to Indian culture (like festival timings and rituals). And after being in United Kingdom, I believe naturally I have inbuilt inclination towards British Culture. These days I am reading about British History and visiting historical places.

In Singapore my team bagged a first prize in best booth category in Credit Suisse, Singapore ITEXPO 2008. I had built the car-racing track to show the flow of trading system. To know more about it click here. I have won first prize in Innovation Machines in International Beam Robotics and in Miscellaneous Category Third prize. Apart from this I have various awards and honours from various national scientific, academic and religious bodies you can check out awards & honors and appraisal page, also won 1st prize in badminton at district level in India.

I had worked with more then four companies, also closely explored more then fifteen software products architectures, during my master’s Software Engineering course I did a very interesting Software Engineering methodology “Extreme Programming”, and I have used it in my various projects, in fact recently I had given a presentation on this in Credit Suisse, Singapore, find the presentation slides here.
When I was in 9th standard I built a robot J1 (click here to see the picture) that was awarded by school level, distract level in science exhibitions. Then I built its successors J2 (click here to see the picture) and Pratap (click here to see the picture). Then I built Mumorob-WNMS robot which won two international awards from Solarbotics, Canada.
After completing my master’s course I joined Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, during that period I developed Hexpad robot, controlled by PC parallel port. Click on links to know more about my awards and honors and my appraisal.

I like reading books and learning new technologies, some of interesting and practical books that I have read so far, are useful for project managers, software professionals. I always learn something new in book reading. Though I have done some book reviews like Designing of Web usability by “Jacob Nelson”, Microsoft secrets by “Cusumano & Selby” etc.

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