Following are some apprisals I received regarding my Robotics work,

My robots were praised by more than 125,000 people in which most of them were students, scholars, professors, lecturers, engineers, technical specialist, robotics experts, managers, national leaders etc.

Robot Mumorob-wnms was praised by Canadian robotists and specialist of robotics Mr. Scott martin ,Mr. Andrew miller ,Mr. mike teriyaki.

Robot Mumorob-wnms was praised by world’s fastest robot maker by Mr. Cheryl Hyrinkiw.

Robot Mumorob-wnms was was praised by president of international physics Olympiad Dr. Bwaldamen Gozkowski.

I met many national and international political leaders and well received by dignitaries like Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mrs. Priyanka Badhera, Mr. sahib Singh Verma, Mr. Narsimha Rao , Mr. Madan Lal Kkhurana , Dr.Karan Singh etc.

My interview with Indian national broadcasting channel Doordarshan was telecasted five times in children science program and in international beam robot games report.

It was interviewed more then twelve national newspapers.

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